Patented use application for Ivory Soap® or like liquid body, hand, dish soap or a lotion/creme in a glass, ceramic, plastic cup, mug or container having a trademark or not using a pump dispenser

Pump Dispenser for a Flexible Press On Container Lid - US patent # 9,517,483 - issue date 12-13-2016
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Many people prefer to repackage store-bought liquid products or neatly package homemade liquid products within attractive containers, such as glass or metal containers.
Some of these containers have a flexible lid or other form of flexible closure, where at least the panel (the center area in the top of the cap) is flexible, even if the threaded skirt area is more rigid.

A common form of flexible lid is the press-on or snap-on lid, where the lid is flexible so that the lid can be deformed to engage the rim of a rigid or semi-rigid container.
For example, the container may be relatively rigid compared to the flexible lid, such as a rigid paper or plastic container or the like, or a glass, ceramic, porcelain, or metal container.

Once a liquid is repackaged in a container with a flexible lid, the user may wish to dispense the liquid using a fluid pump, to eject the liquid in fluid or foam form upon depression of the fluid pump.

If the user were to form a hole through the flexible lid for mounting the fluid pump thereon, upon each depression of the fluid pump, the panel of the lid would deflect down towards the interior of the container, absorbing much or all of the energy intended to pump liquid from the container, resulting in severely reduced liquid flow.

A device is needed that permits a user to us a fluid pump on a wide variety of containers compatible with flexible lids.

Suggestion: Take supplied flexible lid to your local Walmart, Target, K-Mart, Kohl's, Macy's, 99cent, Dollar Day or Goodwill and do some fit testing.

Perfect Holiday gift for someone you love who washes their hands more than once a day!

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          Supplied press on flexible lid fits a container having a 3.750" rimmed diameter opening as in 1 - 22 below.

1 - tall blue glass 

2 - short drinking glass

3 - old fashion drinking glass

4 - foam pump low working glass

 5 - Starbucks has ignored my many requests to display their ubiquitously trademarked Autumn / Anniversary / Christmas Collection cups or containers!

6 - low working glass

7 - tall working glass

8 - ceramic mug

9 - flower vase glass
10 - your container of choice here
10 - your container of choice here -
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Pump Dispenser for a Flexible

Press-on Container Lid,

and I will add to these

11 - seasonal mug

12 - small glass goblet

13 - soap recovered after removing pump

 14 - tall drinking glass

15 - tall hard plastic
16 - trademarked container
16 - trademarked container
27 - short drinking glass
17 - short heavy drinking glass

18 - really large goblet

19 - tall glass swirl vase

20 - tall textured glass vase
21 - tall Walmart vase
21 - tall glass vase
22 - tall glass mug
22 - tall glass mug

Below lids 24 - 41 fabricated by me.

24 - your trademarked container here
24 - trademarked - container

25 - trademarked Budweiser glass
25 - trademarked Budweiser glass

26 - trademarked - cup
26 - trademarked - cup
large tall flexible press on container lid
27 - large tall flexible press on container lid

28 - trademarked - container
28 - McDonalds has ignored my many requests to display their ubiquitously trademarked McCafe cup/container!
29 - large short flexible press on container lid
29 - large short flexible press on container lid

30 - trademarked container
30 - trademarked container

31 - opaque container press on container lid
31 - opaque container press on container lid

32 - trademarked container
32 - trademarked container
33 - trademarked
33 - trademarked container

34 - trademarked
34 - trademarked

35 - trademarked beeror soda can
35 - trademarked beer or soda can

36 - large straight side drinking glass
36 - larger straight side drinking glass
37 - large bulbous glass vase
37 - large bulbous glass vase
38 - glass bowl
38 - glass bowl
39 - skinny glass vase
39 - skinny glass vase
40 - tall glass mug
40 - tall glass mug
41 - trademarked container
41 - trademarked 24 oz. sour cream container
42 - deli plastic container
42 - deli plastic container
Below message from EBay buyer:
02/22/2017 -   
Do you ever sell more than one of these at a time? I would like to have the chance to buy a couple of these from you. This is a great gift for so many people I can think of. It is a great product and even I would like to keep some around my house.
Please let me know. It would be nice to buy more than one at some point.

Update 10/15/2017 -  My Pump Dispenser for Flexible Press on Lid will also fit a Terranea Resort, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA trademarked Spa Cafe drinking cup.
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